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The Different Types of Motorcycle Training Courses

A motorcycle training course typically consists of classroom instruction, practice exercises, and a road test. In the classroom, students learn the basics of motorcycle safety and operation, including how to properly shift gears, brake, adjust the motorcycle’s seating position, and more. During the practice exercises, students are usually taken out on a closed course to get hands-on experience with motorcycle riding. During the road test, students demonstrate their mastery of their learned skills.

Different Types of Motorcycle Training Courses 

Motorcycle training courses are designed to suit different levels of experience and skill. Beginner courses focus on the basics of motorcycle riding, such as how to operate a bike properly, proper riding posture and braking techniques. Intermediate courses teach more advanced skills, such as cornering, swerving and countersteering. Advanced courses are designed for experienced riders and teach advanced techniques such as high-speed riding, riding in groups and navigating off-road terrain.

1. Basic RiderCourse (BRC): This is the most popular motorcycle training course in the USA and is typically a two-day course that teaches the fundamentals of motorcycle safety, handling, and riding.

2. Experienced Rider Course (ERC): This advanced motorcycle training course is designed for experienced riders.

3. Motorcycle Safety Foundation DirtBike School (DBS): This is a specialized motorcycle training course designed for riders of dirt bikes.

4. Military Motorcycle Training: This is a specialized motorcycle training course designed for armed forces members.

5. Motorcycle Track Day: This is a specialized motorcycle training course designed for riders who want to hone their skills on a race track.

6. Specialized Motorcycle Training Courses: Various specialized motorcycle training courses, such as Advanced Street Skills and Emergency Braking, teach riders how to handle specific riding situations.

American Motorcycle Training offers comprehensive motorcycle training courses designed to help riders of all skill levels to become more competent and confident in their riding abilities. The courses range from basic beginner courses to advanced courses that focus on developing specific skills. All courses are led by certified trainers with years of experience and the latest in motorcycle safety gear and training techniques. Students can look forward to learning the basics of motorcycle operation, mastering skills such as cornering, braking, and swerving, and getting practice in real-world situations. With a range of courses to choose from, American Motorcycle Training has a course for riders of any skill level.

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