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Become an Instructor – Certification Programs

American Motorcycle Training is one of the largest and most respected driving schools in the USA. Our in-depth training is a blend of practical experience and theory instruction.  We cover a range of topics, ensuring our trainees acquire skills beyond industry standards. 

Working as a motorcycle instructor comes with its share of challenges. First of all, you are responsible for the safety of your students during classes. Second, they rely on you to teach them the skills they need to operate a motorcycle on public roads and highways. It takes just one wrong move to get into a crash or fall off the bike and end up with debilitating injuries. Your role is to prepare your students for every possible scenario and make sure they are ready to ride on their own.

As an experienced rider, you know that motorcycling involves a number of challenges and hazards. New

riders face the most significant challenge of learning the skills and knowledge needed to control a high-performance machine safely in a hostile environment. Your interest shows that you are concerned about motorcycle safety issues and are looking to help educate individuals to manage personal risk while riding motorcycles on our public roadways.