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Certified Training Programs

If you’re new to motorcycles, taking a safety course is foundational to being a reliable driver. Getting knee-deep in safety measures and cautionary practices as a cyclist on the road is suitable for new and experienced riders alike. For new riders, it can help them get in the right mindset for riding the road and for taking the motorcycle license test. For experienced riders, it can provide a healthy refresher for anything they may have forgotten or may have gotten out of the habit of doing that would keep them safer on the road.

At American Motorcycle Training, our training programs are certified according to the highest standards in the U.S. Our programs are designed to help riders understand the intricate details of riding motorcycles, porwersport vehicles, and prepare for a thrilling career in motorsports if they wish to. But our standard training programs are also perfectly suitable for learning the basics of riding bikes. Once you’ve completed your basic course, AMT offers a wide variety of advanced courses that will help you progress further in your riding journey. After getting your license or endorsement, you’ll begin developing your skills in the real world of riding. This can be an intimidating experience, so try to connect with some friends who ride or join a beginner-friendly riding group.