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With over 100 experienced and certified instructors and 190 motorcycles at 54 separate locations around the country AMT has the capacity and experience to provide the best motorcycle and motorsport training available in the country.

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AMT is a company dedicated to providing veterans employment opportunities while working with our military and civilian students alike. We have trained over 100,000 students over the past 17 years providing the best training for safe and enjoyable riding. Our various training courses cover on and off-highway riding and driving, from basic to advanced levels as well as multi-purpose vehicle training such as dirt bike, 4 wheel, and specialty vehicle training. We use both classroom and range training for the fundamentals and hands-on practice to learn vehicle characteristics, dynamics of rider and bike movement and the proper use of speed and braking.

After the student completes the basic course of instruction there is always the next level of training available to advance skills learned and practiced to achieve any level of riding enjoyment.

Our History

American Motorsports Training (AMT) has a history of over 17 years experience providing exceptional motorcycle and motorsport safety training to the military and civilian students alike. Our legacy began in our sister company ISCI, a company primarily focused on IT Services, where our common owner originally began providing motorcycle training in 2002. As ISCI grew faster and faster he decided to split the motorcycle and motorsport training off into a separate company to allow focus on their primary skill set. Thus AMT was born to continue the legacy of providing the best motorcycle and motorsport training available.

Why Choose Us

Motorcycle riding is filled with emotion, aggression and manly speech, but at the pinnacle our sport is extremely technical, explainable, repeatable and safe. The AMT approach pushes riders past the emotion and gets them focused on their processes, and how those processes affect the motorcycle tires and chassis. Our instructors break these processes down to incremental steps that are understandable and repeatable.

Core Values

Our strength is our Trainers. There are many expert level motorsport riders and drivers in the world, and there are many professional Trainers. But professional Trainers that go beyond holding a certification and become experts in their craft are rare. Becoming an expert motorsport rider or driver takes years of dedication and experience to develop and mature. Let us put our cadre of Expert Rider and Instructor Trainers to work for you.

  • Dedication

    Our Instructors and Trainers are dedicated to providing you the best service possible!

  • Experience

    Our instructors and Trainers are experts in the courses they are certified in!

  • Passion

    We are passionate about everything we do. Not only do we care about your training, we take pride in compassionate training practices!

  • Commitment

    We are committed to provide you the best overall experience!

Our Contracts

Contracts with government agencies are the backbone of our operations. These contracts give us the opportunity to provide world-class training to those who sacrifice for our safety and security every day. AMT currently has four active contracts with various military services.

  • CNIC
  • AMT was awarded the Commander, Naval Installations Command (CNIC) Traffic Safety Training contract in October 2014.
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  • AMT was awarded the Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst (Joint Base MDL) traffic safety training contract in May 2019.
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  • AMT was awarded the Joint Base Charleston traffic safety training contract in July 2019. Beginning in August 2019
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Powersports equipment can be used for daily transportation, agriculture, law enforcement, fire and rescue, national security or — just plain fun. For work or for play, riding is exciting, exhilarating and rewarding, but as in all of life, the greater the reward, the greater the risk. The shield between you and the risk is your level of training. Can your shield be too big or too strong?


Our Instructors and Trainers are not only nationally certified in the courses they teach, they have years of experience in training on every type of powersport equipment available.


Whether your goal is basic training for licensing, or tactical application training for off-highway vehicles, let us implement, or even develop a program to fit your unique needs.


Does your organization need additional Instructors, or are you trying to open a powersports school? We offer many Train-the-Instructor opportunities, as well as guidance for powersport industry training startups.


Perhaps you have discovered a new niche for powersport vehicle use, or maybe you’ve invented an entirely new type of vehicle. Let our powersport curriculum development team help you launch your product or service with a customized training program you can have confidence in.


Imagine an incredibly powerful training program that uses shiny red dirt bikes to mentor and motivate at-risk-youth ages 10 to 18. How about an on or off-highway adventure that promotes corporate team building and problem solving? That’s not your imagination! Those programs are real! Let us give you a tour.


The best way to maximize the enjoyment and utility of your powersports equipment, while minimizing the associated risk, is to work together. AMT is your One-Stop Shop for training and powersport program needs.


This is the leadership team that makes up our program management office. No office-only workers here. We come from varied backgrounds and have different capabilities and we have one very important thing in common—we all work out in the field with our people, and more importantly, our customers, regularly.

Glenn Picklesimer

General Manager

Glenn retired from the U.S. Navy in 2004 after 26 years of service. Since then he held a number of positions in motorcycle, motorsports, and traffic safety training in both the civilian and government sectors. Read more

Kelvin Bickford

Program Manager

American Motorcycle Training Civilian Program Manager, Kelvin “Kip” Bickford, originally from Camden, Maine. After serving in the Navy, Kip spent 24 year in law enforcement at the local, state and federal levels. Read more

Burke A. Breneman

Program Manager

American Motorcycle Training OHV Program Manager, Burke A. Breneman is a lifelong motorcycle, powersport, boating and firearm enthusiast and trainer. Sharing my love of outdoors through powersport adventures is both my career and my passion.

Cindy Picklesimer

Program Manager

Cindy has worked in motorcycle training since 2008 in a variety of positions. Cindy is a Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) RiderCoach and Quality Assurance Specialist.

Read more

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Tell us about your training experiences. How did we do? Did your training prepare you for riding or driving in the real world? Would you like to begin a discussion about a particular aspect of riding or driving and get other’s opinions? Our Blog will give you an opportunity to do just that! Check it out to discover more about our powersport training activities and to share your experience with fellow enthusiasts. You may help someone you never even met!

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