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With over 100 experienced and certified instructors and 190 motorcycles at 54 separate locations around the country AMT has the capacity and experience to provide the best motorcycle and motorsport training available in the country.

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any level of riding enjoyment.

Company Info

AMT is a company dedicated to providing veterans employment opportunities while working with our military and civilian students alike. We have trained over 100,000 students over the past 17 years providing the best training for safe and enjoyable riding. Our various training courses cover on and off-highway riding and driving, from basic to advanced levels as well as multi-purpose vehicle training such as dirt bike, 4 wheel, and specialty vehicle training. We use both classroom and range training for the fundamentals and hands-on practice to learn vehicle characteristics, dynamics of rider and bike movement and the proper use of speed and braking.

After the student completes the basic course of instruction there is always the next level of training available to advance skills learned and practiced to achieve any

Our History

American Motorsports Training (AMT) has a history of over 17 years experience providing exceptional motorcycle and motorsport safety training to the military and civilian students alike. Our legacy began in our sister company ISCI, a company primarily focused on IT Services, where our common owner originally began providing motorcycle training in 2002. As ISCI grew faster and faster he decided to split the motorcycle and motorsport training off into a separate company to allow focus on their primary skill set. Thus AMT was born to continue the legacy of providing the best motorcycle and motorsport training available.

Why Choose Us

Motorcycle riding is filled with emotion, aggression and manly speech, but at the pinnacle our sport is extremely technical, explainable, repeatable and safe. The AMT approach pushes riders past the emotion and gets them focused on their processes, and how those processes affect the motorcycle tires and chassis. Our instructors break these processes down to incremental steps that are understandable and repeatable.

With a dedicated team of more than 100 experienced and certified instructors and a fleet of 190 motorcycles strategically positioned at 54 distinct locations across the nation, American Motorcycle Training (AMT) possesses the extensive capacity and expertise to deliver the finest motorcycle and motorsport training services available in the country.

American Motorcycle Training (AMT) offers a variety of training classes designed for everyone. From beginners to experienced riders. These classes offer new or experienced riders opportunities to enhance, renew, and refresh their skills. These courses are a part of the philosophy of Safety Renewal, where a rider must continuously take advantage of opportunities to build upon both the Mental and Physical skills needed to be a master of the wheels.  We specialize in providing training for motorcycle riding, a wide variety of motorsport vehicles, and powersports. We also provide instruction training programs for those interested in becoming certified instructors. Our course development programs are designed to unleash creativity and excitement among thrill-seekers. With a team of incredibly competent instructors, trainers, and teachers, AMT is the best place in the country to learn how to ride.