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American Motorcycle Training (AMT) provides comprehensive motorcycle training services across the US. We also provide training related to motorsports and powersports, two of the most thrilling genres of sports mankind has ever created. 

For those wishing to get their full bike license, we run courses tailored to the individual riding experience. In other words, those of you who can already ride won’t be required to undertake a full bike course as if you’d never before, and those of you who are new to riding can work at your own pace without feeling pressured to keep up with more experienced riders! Our aim is to make motorcycling safer and more enjoyable by ensuring our commitment to training and educating new and current riders, with a base for advocating a safer riding environment. 

Our instructors have the passion and qualifications, with years of experience, to create an environment where students are learning and enjoying this wonderful experience and achieve their goals. We put the highest emphasis on experienced trainers and certified training programs. We also offer certification programs for instructors. Our course development opportunities are there for enthusiasts who want to optimize their creativity and special training programs for those who need it the most! 

Experienced Trainers

The expert trainers at American Motorcycle Training are your key to safe and skilled motorcycle riding. Motorcycle training equips riders with a broad range of skills, including motorcycle control, hazard avoidance… Read More

Certified Training Programs

Discover certified training programs for new and experienced riders at American Motorcycle Training. If you’re new to motorcycles, taking a safety course is foundational to being a reliable driver. Getting knee-deep… Read More

Become an Instructor – Certification Programs

Become a certified motorcycle instructor with American Motorcycle Training and ensure safe riding education. American Motorcycle Training is one of the largest and most respected driving schools in the USA… Read More

Course Development

Explore American Motorcycle Training’s personalized courses tailored to your unique riding goals. At American Motorcycle Training, our Instructors and Trainers are not only nationally certified in the courses they teach… Read More

Special Training Programs

Explore specialized training programs tailored to your unique riding goals. Whether your aim is to secure fundamental training for licensing or to acquire specialized expertise for off-highway vehicles… Read More

One Stop Service

Discover American Motorcycle Training’s one-stop service for all your power sports needs. Unlocking the full potential of your power sports equipment, all while keeping risks at a minimum… Read More