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Skills for Life: Essential Motorcycle Riding Skills

Essential Motorcycle Riding Skills

Continuous learning is the ongoing expansion of knowledge and skill sets. Often used in the context of professional development, continuous learning in the workplace is about developing new skills and knowledge while also reinforcing what has been previously learned. Daily habits and practices are what form the foundation of continuous learning. Continuous learning can work …

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5 Historic Motorsports Moments 

IIn June 1946, scarcely a year after hostilities had ended in Europe, the tiny Paris suburb of Saint-Cloud hosted a grand prix. The cars ran on cobblestone roads through town, mostly out of necessity; gas was still rationed, so spectators would have been hard-pressed to drive to a track. One of the fastest cars, an …

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6 Motorcycle Driving Tips for Effortless Riding 

There are so many details that go into being safe while riding a motorcycle. Motorcyclists need to know how to choose the right bike, gear, gadgets, and even the most important skills to practice. While rider skills and problem areas vary widely, there are a few key exercises every motorcyclist should practice to increase their …

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Cognitive Engineering: How Specialty Vehicle Training Enhances Decision-Making

The operation of specialty vehicles, such as emergency response vehicles and military equipment, demands split-second decision-making in high-stakes scenarios. Enhancing the ability of humans who run these vehicles to make decisions is a key goal of cognitive engineering, a subject that combines human cognition with system design. Understanding Cognitive Engineering Cognitive engineering blends psychology, cognitive …

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The Philosophy of Balance in Dirt Bike Riding

Just being able to ride a dirt bike is not very difficult. However, mastering basic riding techniques and being able to comfortably ride fast on a trail or track takes many hours of riding experience. Whether you’re a seasoned professional hitting the enduro track or a recreational rider just having fun, you’re likely always looking …

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Mindful Highway Travel: Exploring the Meditative Aspect of Driving

Highway travel is often associated with speed, efficiency, & reaching destinations, but there’s an even more profound aspect of driving that holds the potential to transform the experience, which is mindfulness. A mindful highway travel can turn mundane journeys into meditative moments that enhance safety, reduce stress, & promote overall mental & physical well-being.  Understanding …

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Beyond Boundaries: Motorsports as a Catalyst for Technological Advancement

Motorsports is often associated with adrenaline and speed. It extends beyond entertainment. This sport serves as a dynamic platform that helps propel technological advancements across industries. Motorsports is playing a significantly pivotal role in the realm of technological innovation. Today, the sport pushing the boundaries of engineering, material science, & performance enhancement in a way …

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