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From Service to Employment: How Motorcycle Training Schools are Providing Opportunities for Veterans

The transition from military service to civilian life can be challenging for veterans, especially when it comes to finding employment. However, motorcycle training schools provide a unique opportunity for veterans to gain valuable skills and employment in the growing motorcycle industry. 

Here’s how motorcycle training schools are providing opportunities for veterans across the USA: 

The Motorcycle Industry is Growing

The motorcycle industry is experiencing steady growth, with an increasing number of people choosing motorcycles as their primary mode of transportation. According to the Motorcycle Industry Council, motorcycle sales in the US have increased yearly since 2010, with 2020 seeing a 11.4% increase in new motorcycle sales. This growth has created a demand for skilled motorcycle technicians and mechanics, providing a unique opportunity for veterans.

Skills Training and Certification

Many motorcycle training schools offer comprehensive training programs that teach students how to diagnose, repair, and maintain motorcycles. These programs often include classroom instruction and hands-on training, providing students with real-world experience. Additionally, many training schools offer certifications in various areas, such as motorcycle repair or performance, to help veterans stand out to potential employers.

GI Bill and other Veterans Benefits

The GI Bill provides education benefits to veterans, including funding for training programs at eligible institutions. Many motorcycle training schools are eligible for GI Bill benefits, allowing veterans to pursue a career in the motorcycle industry without incurring significant student loan debt. Additionally, some training schools offer discounts or other benefits specifically for veterans, making it even more accessible for them to pursue a career in the motorcycle industry.

Employment Opportunities

The motorcycle industry offers a variety of employment opportunities for veterans with motorcycle training and certification. Some veterans work as motorcycle mechanics or technicians, while others pursue motorcycle sales, marketing, or management careers. There are also opportunities in motorcycle racing or as part of a motorcycle team, such as a pit crew member. With the growth of the motorcycle industry, the possibilities are endless.

Camaraderie and Community

The military fosters a strong sense of camaraderie and community, and many veterans find that same sense of belonging in the motorcycle community. Motorcycle enthusiasts often come together to ride, attend rallies and events, and support various causes. Veterans pursuing a career in the motorcycle industry can find a similar sense of community and camaraderie, which can be especially beneficial during transitioning from military service to civilian life.

At American Motorcycle Training, we provide a unique opportunity for veterans to gain valuable skills and employment in the growing motorcycle industry. With the industry experiencing steady growth and a demand for skilled technicians and mechanics, veterans can find a new career path that aligns with their interests and skills. Additionally, the GI Bill and other veteran’s benefits make it accessible for veterans to pursue training programs without incurring significant debt. With the sense of camaraderie and community the motorcycle industry offers, veterans can find a new sense of purpose and belonging in their civilian lives.

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