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Dirt Biking’s Compelling Benefits for the Body and Mind 

Extreme sports are something that can excite nearly everyone. Although it’s considered an extreme sport to most, at the basic level riding a dirt bike can be an excellent way to stay healthy and fit. Sure, you might get a little dirty while riding through the terrain of a course or through the woods, but the workout you receive could surprise you 

Today, many people follow a sedentary lifestyle owing to which their fitness routine goes for a toss. To top it all, you may also tend to put on weight which can invite a host of health ailments and this, in turn, can take a toll on your well-being. So, one should exercise regularly to stay fit and fine. You will not hear this just anywhere, but dirt biking has some immense benefits for the well-being of your body and mind. Some of the most compelling health benefits of dirt biking include increased heart rate, increased strength, balance, endurance, burned calories, brain stimulation, and good posture. 

Increased Heart Rate 

Dirt bike riding increases your heart rate in a way that is comparable to jogging or low-level endurance exercise. An average ride should bring your heart rate into the mid-130s, while a particularly strenuous ride, incorporating jumps, hills and other obstacles, can bring your heart rate into the mid-150s. 

Increased Strength 

While dirt bike riding places you on a motorized device, a significant amount of body strength is still required to turn, lift and operate your bike. You use your quadriceps, hamstrings and other leg muscles while riding over uneven terrain, and arm strength is required to lift your handlebars when going off jumps and pushing your bars back down on your landing.


Using your leg muscles while riding will help keep you balanced as you accelerate up and down hills and over jumps. As your body braces against bumps, it will tighten its various muscles to keep in balance.


The amount of continuous time spent on your dirt bike will help improve your cardiovascular health by improving your endurance. If an average ride on a dirt bike is an hour or more, you will be engaging the muscles in your legs and arms as well as increasing your heart rate continuously throughout the ride.

Burned Calories 

Keeping the motorbike in balance through all the different jumps and bumps itself uses up different parts of the core, arm and leg muscles. This will help to burn calories and give riders a slight burn in major muscle groups.

Brain Stimulation 

The mere act of riding will activate the pre-frontal areas of the brain, and those who ride a motorcycle more often can improve cognitive functions. Researchers have noted a definite difference in the level of brain stimulation in those who ride a motorcycle regularly and those who have not been on their bike for some time.


Posture really does make a difference in riding ability, and once riders realize that, they want to maintain the best posture possible. This choice, while made simply to improve performance on the bike, can help become a healthy habit off of the bike, too.

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